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e-Riches 2.0: Next Generation Online Marketing Strategies Social Media Marketing Book by Scott Fox

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TWO Free Chapters from Scott Fox's Best-selling Book:  e-Riches 2.0:  Next Generation Marketing Strategies

These two valuable PDF chapters can help you learn and win the PR game!  They are both from Part V: "New Online Public Relations & Promotions Tools".  You'll get both

Chapter 14:  "The Truth About Public Relations"


Chapter 15:  "The Public Relations Opportunity Matrix System (PROM)"

Unavailable anywhere else without buying the whole book, these chapters are full of useful insights from PR industry insiders and are written by's Founder, Scott Fox.

Killer Pitch Formulas Ebook PDF

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The Killer "Pitch Formulas" Toolkit

Learn how the pros easily and quickly write compelling emails, subject lines, and headlines that get their interview pitch request emails opened! 

This list of 50+ "Pitch Formulas" will make your interview requests MUCH more successful with proven copywriting techniques you can easily borrow to help your own publicity campaigns. 

Perfect Pitch Checklist PDF

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The 10 Step Perfect Interview Pitch Checklist!

Review your pitch efforts to see if you have all the elements that the most successful interview pitches use to get interviews. 

Full of tips & tricks from industry insiders, this free ebook can help you get your publicity outreach game to the next level in just 10 easy steps.


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