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Scroll Down for Sample Pages, Testimonials, and Bonus Offers!

Scroll Down for Sample Pages, Testimonials, and Bonus Offers!

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More Interview Guest Requests from Podcasters and Radio Shows than anywhere else!

Our new Directory is the most current and complete listing of podcast and radio show contact information available anywhere!

Why?  Because it's full of almost 600 pages of REAL Guest Requests we've received from REAL shows, who are REALLY looking for guests like YOU to interview.

This is not a collection of outdated show info just scraped from the Internet. It’s EXCLUSIVE LISTINGS from 2017 of 500+ programs who ASKED US to help them find Guest Experts to interview on-the-air!
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The Podcasts & Radio Shows Directory is BIGGER, more CURRENT, more COMPREHENSIVE, and more COMPLETE than any other guide to podcasts and radio shows.  It includes:

* Details on 500+ Radio Shows and Podcasts who have recently been looking for guests to interview "on the air"
* Categorized into 24 subject matter categories for easy research into each show's favorite Guest Interview topics
* All broadcast formats: Traditional Radio, Satellite Radio, Syndicated & Network Radio, Internet Radio, Podcasts, Video Webcasts, and even some TV Shows, too!
* The latest Email Addresses for Hosts, Producers, and Booking Contacts
* Show Format Details and Tips
* Show Audience Descriptions and Demographics
* Show Website and Social Media Links
* All in convenient ebook format so you can easily take it with you and SEARCH to find the best shows to interview you
* A step-by-step guide to using the Directory to get yourself on the air
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The special Launch pricing won't last long!!

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Kindle Podcasts Directory Sample Podcast Listings

Get detailed listings from HUNDREDS of shows...

Not available anywhere else - these podcasts and radio programs are actively looking for guests to interview on-the-air.

Every listing tells you who they're seeking AND  includes current email addresses!

(Please Note:  If you were one of our Premium email subscribers through all of  2017, you may have already seen many of the Guest Requests in this year's edition in the many emails we sent you.  But now you can get them ALL AT ONCE, CATEGORIZED, INDEXED, and SEARCHABLE! )


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“Radio Guest List has made the task of researching shows and producers easy and effortless. My first interview resulted in almost 1,000 people visiting my website.”

Lynn Robinson, Author of Put Your Intuition to Work

“Radio Guest List's interview listings enable me to have some fantastic exposure to talk to audiences worldwide without even leaving my home in Northern British Columbia.”
Dave Fuller, Author of Profit Yourself Healthy

 “These listings get me 2-3 podcast and radio interviews each month easily. I've even become the regular small business guest expert on a Reno, Nevada drive home radio program which invites me on quarterly. All I do is search for appropriate programs, and then send out an information packet I've put together for producers. Because I can easily find shows that are looking for my content, the closing rates on these pitches is higher than 75%. Thank you Radio Guest List.”

David C Barnett, Small Business and Local Investing Author and Transaction Advisor

“Hi everybody- glad to share my excellent experience with both with getting guests for my show or being asked to guest on others. Keep up your great work.”

Dr. Bob Weil,  Host of "The Sports Doctor"

“Over the years, has delivered a steady stream of interviews. I count on RGL to help me get the word out about my book, and they never let me down! Thanks for all you do!
— James Goi Jr., Author of How to Attract Money Using Mind Power
“There are thousands of podcasters out there but only’s listings connect authors with hosts actively looking for guests. It’s brilliant! And so valuable—I’ve been booked several times and with each show I not only see a spike in book sales but attract new followers. Thank you.”  Amy Waeschle, Author of Chasing Waves and Going Over the Falls

“Securing interviews for clients on radio and podcasts is a vital element to any public relations campaign mix. RadioGuestList has introduced our agency and our clients to existing and up-and-coming broadcast outlets resulting in guest bookings and increased ROI.”

Andrea Pass, Vice President, Media Relations, Marketing Maven

“I find your Guest Request listings invaluable. I email pitches to other hosts but I have no idea if they are seeking guests. With your service, I know the answer.”
— Francine Silverman, Publicist

“Your podcast listings have been a great way to bring attention to my new book. The connections for interviews I am able to make by using the listings are far and away more comprehensive than I could have made on my own. Thanks!”

Rev. Corbie Mitleid, Fire Through Spirit

“Love your service! You have really helped me to put my name out there!”
— Kevin Sisco, Host of the Kevin's Consulting Live podcast

“I am an author of two Amazon best-selling books. I have appeared on many different podcasts over the years and all of my contacts have come from your listings where podcasters describe their audiences and tell you the best way to contact them. is timely, informative and professional. I totally recommend them to anyone who has a message and wants to get that message out.”

Ed Daube, Ph.D.,

 “I have been booked on several shows based on these listings, for both my animal communication business and my book. I had done independent research to try to find shows seeking guests but didn't come up with anything that I've heard of from, so this service has been a great advantage.”

Crystal Hope Reed

“I find your Guest Requests easy to use, informative and clear allowing me to submit to only those podcasts that match my skills and ideal clients."
Elizabeth Miner, Founder & CEO of Thrive This Day

“Radio Guest List has been a big help in increasing my interview opportunities; I'm doing one to two per week and many of them result in new clients. I couldn't be more pleased.”

John McGrail, PhD, Author of "The Synthesis Effect"


Complete & Current Coverage of Broadcast Interview Opportunities

Includes 24 categories of shows actively looking for people to interview.  What kinds of interviews do you want?

  • Arts & Culture
  • Books & Authors
  • Business
  • Christian
  • Comedy
  • Consumer Affairs
  • Current Affairs
  • General Interest
  • Health & Wellness
  • Law & Crime
  • Marketing
  • Movies & TV Shows
  • Music
  • Paranormal
  • Politics & Society
  • Relationships & Family
  • Self-Improvement
  • Spanish Language
  • Spirituality & Religion
  • Sports
  • Travel
  • UK-based
  • Web & Technology
  • Women's Issues

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